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James Sanders Club Championship Medal - scratch Over 36 holes
Steve Sargeant Afton Down Cup Medal - handicap Over 36 holes - max.hcp 20
Rick Penn Sunday Tankard Medal - handicap Over 18 holes
Keith Kimber AT Smith Veterans Trophy Medal - handicap Over 36 holes
Gary Cooke & Steve Cook Barton Cup BB Matchplay Summer KO
John Riddelsdell Knill Jones Cup Matchplay Summer KO - max hcp 20
Keith Wright Millway Cup Medal Summer KO - 6 best from 12
Robbie Faulkner & George Faulkner Dadson Trophy Greensome Stableford Father & Son
Peter Bryan Eclectic - Summer    
Dave Wilkins Jacom Trophy Matchplay Nov to March
Pieter Sheldon Monty Cup Par Max hcp 20
John Veal, James Veal, John Wisker & Sue Keen Open Scramble    
Kevin Garrett & Nick Punter Peter Guy Memorial Greensome Medal New Years Day    
Tony Hammonds Rentawelder Medal Hcp 21-28 only
Kevin Garrett Seely Cup Medal Hcp 0-20 only
Keith Wright Warren Cup Stableford 6 best from designated Stabs.
Malc Williams Cheverton Cup    
Brandon Thompson Island Golf Centre Trophy Stableford  
Brandon Thompson & Sammi Keen Eric Riddett Bowls Pairs agg.Stableford  
James Veal, Brandon Thompson, Sammi Keen & Nat Riddett Team Trophy Agg.Stab -best 3 from 4  
Jim Payne Over 55' Trophy Stableford  
Sammi Keen Ladies Trophy Stableford  
Joanne Wright Ladies Championship Medal-scratch Over 36 holes
Sue Keen Ladies Championship Medal- handicap Over 36 holes
Claire Hearn & Sheila Francis Afton Trophies Foursomes  
Di Clark Cecil Elliott Rosebowl Medal  
Liz Morris & Joan Martin Champagne Trophy    
Maureen Couse Coke Trophy Matchplay Summer KO
Claire Hearn Dockrill Trophy Stableford  
Sammi Keen Eclectic - Summer    
Gail Brown Eclectic - Winter    
Ann Smith Grannies Cup Stableford Autumn
Joanne Wright Autumn Trophy Stableford Autumn
Maureen Couse Medal Winners Trophy Medal  
Val Kimber Win Shield Medal  
Sue Keen & Ash Coke Wheatley Foursomes Trophy Matchplay Winter
Sammi Keen Woodford Cup Matchplay Summer KO
Pat Long KW Trophy Stableford Best 6
Nat Riddett Junior Championship Medal Handicap Upper age limit 17
Adam Keen Carisbrooke Trophy Stableford Upper age limit 17
Ryan Harmer Pemberton Cup Medal Upper age limit 17
Steven Cooke Walton Colts Cup Medal Upper age limit 17
Kasey Tuckey Arthur Ford Quaiche Stableford  
Sue Oldershaw & Richard Don Centenary Invitation Trophy Better Ball Stableford Member & Guest
Cedric Jones Harvey Cup Stableford Max hcp 20
Mike Black Jim Sleight Trophy Stableford  
Simon Smith McCaul Cup Matchplay  
Kevin Garrett & Kevin McArthur Ernies Two Ball Scramble    
Kevin Garrett & Sammi Keen Wight Wash Trophy Better Ball Stableford  
Dave Wright & Sue Oldershaw Harding Cup Mixed Foursomes Matchplay  
  Presidents Salvers Mixed Greensome Format at President discretion
Miles Oldershaw & Sue Oldershaw Nerissa Groombridge Mem. Mixed Greensome  
Peter Cooper Percy Newbury Cup Stableford Holes 1-16
Peter Scott Mike Breakspere Memorial Stableford Full hcp
Keith Brown Ron Long Trophy